My mission is to use a combination of life coaching, energy therapies and intuition to inspire people to identify their passions, to discover why they are holding back and to give them the tools to move forward to live the happiest and most fulfilling life possible.


CatHeadshot-292x300I became interested in alternative healing practices more than 25 years ago when traditional treatment for a personal health crisis did not provide lasting results. I realized that treating symptoms individually created new symptoms and the medications prescribed for me were suppressing my body’s ability to heal itself. My quest for optimal health has led me to explore holistic treatments including the use of herbal supplements and food as medicine. I understand the value of body work such as regular massage, far infrared sauna treatments and chiropractic adjustments as ways for the body to release the toxins that it stores. And, I realizes the importance of meditation and yoga practice to restore and maintain the body, mind and spirit connection.

Early in my journey, I learned of Reiki energy work and was drawn to become a Reiki practitioner. With continued study, my understanding of how energy flows through the body increased; I realized the power of being able to remove the emotional blocks that interfere with its natural flow which is necessary to achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. After using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as “tapping”, for my own issues, I decided to train to become an EFT practitioner so that I may share this simple, non-invasive technique with others who seek relief from their own “dis-ease”.

I completed courses in EFT levels I and II with Ingrid Dinter, a highly respected practitioner and trainer who is acclaimed for her work with Veterans and their struggles with PTSD. I am now certified as an EFT Practitioner by AAMET International* . In addition, I am a certified Life Optimization Coach through the Center for Personal Reinvention, a Certified Life Coach through AUNLP and a certified Law of Attraction practitioner.  I continue my studies in energy therapies and nutrition so that I am able to offer my clients the best possible combination of approaches to their unique needs.

I offer personal EFT and Life Coaching sessions at Summit Health NH in Belmont, by phone and on Skype. I may be reached by phone at 603-527-3737 or email at Catherine@cturgeon.com.


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