I am overweight. It’s my “nature”, it’s in “the genes”, as my family is known to lament. If I’m doomed to be fat, why fight it? I have been on some kind of diet since the age of 12 and have seen success at times, but it never lasted. And, now I have to acknowledge that throughout my life, I have been overweight more than I have not.

Why? I don’t buy that I can’t be thinner in spite of the genetic component. But, I have spent many, many years trying to figure it all out! Eat carbs, don’t eat carbs, low fat, no grains, no dairy, no sugar – so many rules! And, the rules are always changing. However, science is finally catching on to what I’ve known all of my life: burning more calories than you ingest does NOT necessarily equal weight loss. So much more goes into the equation. How your body digests the food, whether or not the gut is healthy enough to allow absorption once it is digested, food sensitivities, hormone imbalances, toxic overloads. It’s a wonder anyone can shed pounds with all of these things to consider!

I don’t think I am unique. I imagine a sisterhood who keep track of their lives using the body barometer to indicate how happy a certain time period was for them. It’s a chicken-or-egg situation though. Are we happier because we are thinner? Or are we thinner because we are happier?

If your dieting experience has been similar to mine, then perhaps you are ready to join me on the journey to “once and for all” weight loss. Examining the emotions, core beliefs and traumatic experiences that contribute to the extra pounds piling on will give the signal to your body that it’s safe to let go of the barrier between you and the wonderful life you imagine for yourself. It’s not about deprivation and willpower. It’s about releasing the feelings trapped inside and feeding your soul.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, or “tapping”) is a wonderful tool to help you reach and release what’s been holding you back from experiencing lasting weight loss success. With this tool, you can discover what is at the root of your cravings, why you sabotage yourself or even why you may resist exercising.

I will be holding an 8-week program called Mind Body Weight Loss at Santosha Yoga and Wellness in Moultonborough starting Thursday, February 4 at 6:30 PM. You can read more about the program by visiting www.santoshayoganh.com and checking under Events. Sign-up there, call or send an email.
If you can’t make the program or would like to work with me individually, I offer a 20-minute free consultation. From there, we can set up a personal program tailored to your specific needs. Please send me an email at catherine@cturgeon.com to set up a time.
I hope you will join me to discover your personal story so you can make the changes that will allow you to move closer to your best self, the way you see it.